The National Trust is supported by its network of regional Branches.

The National Trust’s Branch network in Victoria covers metropolitan Melbourne, regional and rural Victoria. Branches facilitate the participation of local Trust members in the Trust’s work.

There are many opportunities open to members through their local Branch.  These include:

  • participate in heritage festivals including the National Trust annual Heritage Festival
  • partner with local government in National Trust heritage award schemes
  • organise diverse activities for local members
  • work with National Trust staff to influence local Councils to protect heritage places via their planning schemes
  • assist in maintaining the National Trust heritage places database by updating information about local places
  • coordinate activities with a broad and diverse range of partners, including local historical groups, local government, and other not-for-profit groups

Each Branch is unique in the opportunities and activities it provides.  To get in contact with your local Branch see the list or fill out the contact form below.

Branches Forum

The Trust holds bi-annual Branches Forums to bring together all of our Branches from across the state to share ideas.

Twice a year the Trust invites its Branches to come together to share the work they have been doing with the Board, staff and other Branches from across the state.  The forum is held in a different location each time with an emphasis on exploring Victoria’s rich history.  The focus of the forums varies from informal days out to structured workshops with the aim of facilitating connections across the state between those who are advocating for the protection of our shared heritage.

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Heritage Festival

Join our Branches in celebrating the best of Victoria's heritage during this year's National Trust Heritage Festival. All of our Branches are running events during April and May as part of the celebrations. Check out the dedicated Festival website for full details:

Heritage Festival

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