The National Trust of Australia (NSW) is a community-based, non-government organisation, committed to promoting and conserving Australia’s indigenous, natural and historic heritage through its advocacy work and its custodianship of heritage places and objects.

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National Trust members play an active role in the conservation of Australia's built and natural heritage.

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Without the generosity of Australians who care for and value our heritage, the history and culture we treasure would be lost.

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Latest news on the National Trust NSW

Get Schooled on Reconciliation at Cooma Cottage

The travelling exhibition is comprised of works from primary and high school students who have taken up the challenge of

Just Puddin’ This Out There

‘Puddin’ Day’ will bring the mischief of The Magic Pudding to life with activities for readers young and old(er)

Fashionably Late…A New Image of a Tudor Monarch

Traditionally dated to 1515, the double portrait of Mary and her second husband, Charles Brandon, had been assumed to da

We’re all about women at Old Government House

Some of the names you know, some of them you don’t – all of them are remarkable for their courage, their stories and

A touch of glass at Lindesay, Darling Point

Brian Hirst is known for his interpretation and referencing of historic styles in his work, particularly the iridescent

Many acts of picture palace

By Brian Powyer, National Trust (NSW) President   On June 27, the Land and Environment Court ensured the iconic Rox

3105 Remembrance Driveway, Bargo

MEDIA RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11 July 2019 The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) has advanced the Exp

NSW State Archives exhibition ignites search for missing Queen Victoria album

Using original glass plate negatives from the NSW State Archives Collection, the exhibition re-imagines a moment in hist

Court decides to retain the Roxy Theatre

The National Trust (NSW) has been a leading and supporting voice with other organisations campaigning that the developme

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Bushland Management

Providing a range of bushland management services and quality expertise to public and private landowners.



The constant need for vigilance and the continuing need for the Trust.



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