When heritage places are lost, they’re lost forever. The National Trust (NSW) runs campaigns and advocates passionately for the protection of irreplaceable cultural, natural and built heritage right across the state.

Development and climate change pose continual threats to places of heritage significance. The National Trust works with communities and government to identify, conserve and protect heritage, while also speaking up for public access to our cultural and natural treasures. Explore our latest campaigns below.

For advocacy enquiries, please contact us on advocacy@nationaltrust.com.au

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NSW housing reforms

The NSW Government has announced two housing reforms that will impact communities and pose a major threat to the heritage of NSW.


NSW State Election 2023: Make Heritage Matter

In the lead up to the 2023 NSW State election, the National Trust called on candidates to commit to heritage.


Parramatta's Heritage

The National Trust reimagines a future for Parramatta that embraces, not erases, its heritage.


Central Barangaroo

The National Trust opposes the plan for Central Barangaroo that would obliterate historic views from Observatory Hill.


Heritage Act Review

The National Trust campaign to ensure that the NSW Heritage Act is strengthened, not weakened, by the current Review.