2021 Review of the NSW Heritage Act

In May 2021, the NSW government announced a major review of the NSW Heritage Act.  The NSW Heritage Act (1977) is of fundamental importance to the identification, protection, promotion and conservation of heritage in NSW.

The National Trust is campaigning to ensure that any changes to the Heritage Act result in a strengthening of the Act. Our built and natural heritage needs more protection now than ever before. The National Trust will continue to identify and advocate for the protection of the unique heritage of NSW, but it is the Heritage Act which must ultimately preserve and protect that which has been passed down to us.


Those undertaking this review need only ask one question of each suggested change:

Will this Review maintain or decrease the values of that which we will pass on?

The answer must be clear; because once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The review is being undertaken by the Parliament of NSW Standing Committee on Social Issues, and nearly 300 submissions were made by organisations and individuals. The National Trust will continue to be involved in this process which is of critical importance to the heritage of NSW.

Below you can read the full submission lodged by the National Trust, access information from our Independent Forum on the Heritage Act Review and read other submissions on the Act below.


Call to action section


the results of the Trust’s Heritage Act Forum



the Trust’s submission into the Heritage Act Review



other submissions into the Heritage Act Review


Call to action section

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