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In May 2021, the NSW government announced a major review of the Heritage Act, 1977 – the findings of the review will contribute to the evidence base for legislative reform.

The Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) is the single most important instrument in our state that identifies, protects and conserves our heritage – STRENGTHENING IT IS THE ONLY OPTION.

Established in 1945, the National Trust (NSW) remains committed to ensuring that the 2021 legislative review considers not only the Act itself but also the way it is implemented and applied. We hosted an Independent Forum into the Review to discuss key issues facing NSW’s heritage, develop responses to the Review’s Discussion Paper and identify what a robust, comprehensive and effective Heritage Act looks like.

This webpage aims to arm you with information so that you can make an effective submission into the Review – EVERY SUBMISSION COUNTS!

The submission deadline has been extended! MAKE YOUR SUBMISSION BY SUNDAY 4 JULY 2021 and ensure that any proposed amendments to our Heritage Act do not further erode the identification, protection and conservation of our heritage places. You can make your submission here.


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