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The National Trust’s Bushland Management Services (BMS) was established in 1976 and has been running continuously for over 45 years.

The National Trust’s position as a public advocate for conservation of natural heritage demonstrates its commitment to principal. The National Trust actively commenced bushland management in 1976 when Joan Bradley a pioneer of Bush Regeneration, was employed by the National Trust to supervise a pilot scheme to regenerate a remnant of Blue Gum Forest at the Trust owned Ludovic Blackwood Memorial Sanctuary in Beecroft.

Today Bushland Management Services (BMS) has grown to be an independent business unit within the National Trust. We are a reliable and trusted team with extensive experience in the field of bushland restoration, promoting innovative bushland management practices. Excess monies raised from our services are dedicated back into the National Trust to fund conservation of our natural, cultural and built heritage.

The National Trust’s Bushland Management Services (BMS) has been running continuously for over 45 years. BMS provides a range of bushland management services to public and private landowners who require quality expertise to help manage conservation of bushland and biodiversity in the Greater Sydney region. The goal of the National Trust’s Bushland Management team is to advocate and implement best practice methods for natural area restoration and management of our natural areas.

Where applicable the National Trust’s BMS team aims to ensure:

  • Biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration,
  • Conservation of the educational and scientific values of bushland
  • Help provide beneficial habitat for flora & fauna, and improve water quality.
  • Protect and retain remnant indigenous vegetation
  • Regenerate where there is no potential for natural regeneration
  • Conservation of cultural heritage artifacts (Aboriginal and European),
  • Enhancement of the visual and landscape amenity of bushland for the community, so that people can experience and enjoy the natural environment for activities such as bush walking, native flora and fauna spotting and bird watching

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The National Trust is Australia’s pioneering Natural Area Restoration NGO and is seeking to employ qualified bush regenerators.

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The National Trust can offer expertise on range of bush land management services



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In the 1970s Sydney former industrial chemist Joan Bradley and her sister Eileen developed an approach to regenerating the Australian bush in the reserve adjoining her home at Clifton Gardens on Sydney Harbour.



We have a range of policies in place to ensure we achieve desired environmental outcomes for our clients, employ highly trained and skilled personnel and provide a safe working environment for our staff.


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Our team of experienced project management staff work in affiliation with specialist subcontractors including Native Nurseries, Arborists, Ecological Consultants and Plant Operators, to help you achieve the best environmental outcomes for your conservation projects.

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