The National Trust not only looks after the places in our care, we also advocate for the conservation of built, cultural and natural heritage and create the conditions it needs to thrive in New South Wales.

For over 75 years, the National Trust has been at the centre of the most important heritage campaigns – from our initial campaigns to save Hyde Park Barracks and the Mint Building in Macquarie Street, to our current concerns regarding overdevelopment of the harbour at Barangaroo.

We are a voice to ensure that irreplaceable heritage places remain protected and continue to be enjoyed by everyone. At the same time, we seek to raise community awareness of what is at stake. We do this by engaging and collaborating with the community, industry and government. We work closely with our branches, members and volunteers to achieve positive conservation and heritage outcomes.

Recent campaigns advocating for better public outcomes for Sydney’s Central Station, and a push to save Parramatta’s heritage are just some of the ways in which we’re a voice for heritage in New South Wales.

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