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Latest news on the National Trust WA

Reopening dates for National Trust places

Based on government guidelines, we will begin our transition out of lockdown with properties reopening to the public fro

Office and property closures due to evolving COVID-19 situation

Properties that will be closed: Office – Old Observatory, West Perth East Perth Cemeteries, East Perth No 1 Pump S

Anzac Day events cancelled

Remembering and paying respect to our Anzacs is, for many Australians, an important event in our calendars that was sadl

Reconnect with your heritage and community

The Australian Heritage Festival runs from 16 April to 19 May and features a range of inspirational and educational even

Dyson grave restoration at East Perth Cemeteries

Located in East Perth Cemeteries, the headstone commemorates James Dyson and his two wives, Fanny Hoffington and Jane Ed

Archaeology field school at Peninsula Farm

The National Trust is excited to be hosting an archaeology field school on the grounds of Peninsula Farm. Staff and stud

Australian Heritage Festival – National Trust Events Program

The Australian Heritage Festival is an opportunity for all communities to organise events and exhibitions, gather storie

Celebrate an Australian icon on National Eucalypt Day

The annual event run by Eucalypt Australia aims to raise awareness of eucalypts and to celebrate the important place the

Submissions are now open for the INSPIRE Writer in Residence initiative 2021

In 2021, the INSPIRE initiative expands to offer five residencies, with $5000 stipends, across five heritage properties.

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