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Rotary Australia Day fundraising concert at Woodbridge

The concert will take place in the grounds of beautiful Woodbridge, which recently reopened after a year-long conservati

2021 Australian Heritage Festival

The festival will bring together an array of events across the nation and will run from 16 April – 19 May in Western A

Everything you need to know about visiting over the Festival Season

This means that some of our properties will be closed throughout the festive season and for some of 2021. Please note th

Margaret Feilman Medal – Winners

On Wednesday night, at the National Trust’s Annual General Meeting, the recipients for this year’s Margaret

2020 Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at the Grove Library, 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove. Light refreshments will be offered after

Strawberry Hill / Barmup is reopening from 31 October

The new approach to heritage interpretation recognises the bridging of cultures and the contemporary expression of both

The Bill Sewell Community Recreation Complex has a new name

Media Statement In November 2019 the National Trust undertook public consultation in Geraldton to review the name for th

Reconnect with Woodbridge

We are excited to announce Woodbridge is opening again after a year-long stint conserving this special place. We’d lik

Samson House Stone Conservation Workshop

We are constantly learning more about the conservation of our places and are keen to share the experience with the commu

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