Restoration Appeals

Since 1995, the National Trust has managed over $38 million in tax deductible appeals, which have supported the conservation of churches, cemeteries, clubs and monuments.

The National Trust supports the carrying out of restoration works to properties of heritage significance by conducting tax deductible appeals. The procedure is simple and is carried out under the National Trust’s Tax Deductibility status within conditions laid down by the Australian Taxation Office.
In the August 1957 Federal Budget, the National Trust received tax concessions and since 1961, has used those concessions to conduct or co-operate in appeals for the restoration of many important historic religious properties listed in the National Trust Register.


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In the 49 years that the National Trust has operated its tax-deductible appeals system it is estimated that more than 38 million dollars has been raised for the conservation and restoration of historic religious buildings.

But tax-deductible restoration appeals are not just limited to religious properties.

Over the past sixty years the National Trust had expanded its Register to include over 11,500 places across NSW. The Trust Register now lists 1,100 religious properties including churches, cathedrals, chapels, convents, rectories, presbyteries, halls, tabernacles, temples, synagogues, mosques and cemeteries.The first appeal opened in February, 1963 for the urgent restoration of Francis Greenway’s masterpiece St Matthew’s Church at Windsor, built in 1817. The appeal was well supported by Trust members and raised $86,000 to re-build the square tower and octagonal cupola.

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