Unlike many heritage organisations The National Trust of Australia (WA) takes an holistic approach to heritage and gives equal consideration to natural, Aboriginal and historic heritage as well as moveable and maritime heritage. One of the principle ways in which the Trust supports Aboriginal Heritage is by working with Aboriginal communities to establish foundations with the Trust to pursue community based conservation programs.

Foundations facilitate the conservation, protection and interpretation of Aboriginal cultural values in Western Australia. Benefiting and further increasing the knowledge, awareness, understanding and commitment of national, state and local community members in the conservation, protection and interpretation of Aboriginal cultural values in Western Australia (WA).

The Trust works closely with each foundation to oversee a range of activities including connecting Aboriginal people with the land; rock art restoration, invasive species assessments, archaeological studies, language preservation, interpretation programs, as well as training and development.

The Trust specifically aims to increase the knowledge, awareness, understanding and commitment to Aboriginal heritage by:
• Facilitating access to land where possible;
• Providing a conservation and interpretation service;
• Providing administrative, financial and governance support;
• Using its experience to promote Aboriginal heritage, and
• Establishing a tax deductible appeal if required.

The National Trust’s approach provides an effective governance model and has been recognised with grant funding and sponsorship funds provided to the Trust for the Foundations from Lotterywest, State and Federal Government departments and BHP Billiton.


The National Trust of Australia (WA) establishes and administers heritage appeals on behalf of local governments and community groups to raise funds for conservation and interpretation of Western Australia’s heritage. National Trust appeals are subject to audit, and donations over two dollars are tax deductible

In summary to set up a tax deductible heritage appeal in relation to Aboriginal Heritage you will need to provide the following:
• A detail statement of the objectives of the appeal 
• Evidence the appeal organisers have stewardship of the place funds are being raised for.
• The place has recognised heritage significance. 
• That a Conservation Plan and/or an interpretation Plan is in place or being completed. 
• A Schedule of proposed works.
• A Supervising Heritage Specialist and/or management committee. 

If you have a heritage project and need to raise funds or would like to establish an Aboriginal Foundation, contact the National Trust for further information.

Mulga Foundation

The Mulga Foundation was established in 2012 under the auspices of the National Trust of Australia (WA). The Foundation works with Aboriginal communities in the North West to assist communities in developing and implementing their vision for their country, community and culture.

Budadee Foundation

The Budadee Foundation was established in December 2012 to bring together senior law people from a number of groups to support and develop cultural activities within the inland Pilbara region with a particular focus on the Woodstock Abydos Protected Reserves and the broader Nullagine area.

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