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Archive records reveal a history of the community movement to preserve significant places for all Australians.

The Trust Archive is the repository for the records of the National Trust of Australia (NSW). Established in 1945 and the first National Trust in Australia, it has been a leading organisation in the conservation movement in New South Wales. Archive records reveal a history of the community movement to preserve significant places for all Australians. Battles fought and work undertaken to save individual buildings, landscapes, cemeteries, and industrial and move-able heritage items in New South Wales can be seen in records, images and Trust publications.

Archive records of Trust managed properties contain comprehensive histories of each of these significant properties as well as the conservation, interpretation and collection management of them by The Trust.

Significant sites and places

Histories of individual sites document conservation activity and threats since 1945. Classified and many non classified sites have files. Digital copies of extensive slides and prints of most sites are available.


Records available

  • History of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) through minutes, correspondences, reports etc
  • Advice to governments on heritage issues and legislation, and the promotion of establishing government funded bodies such as the Historic Houses Trust are documented.
  • The lobbying for and contributions to heritage legislation
  • Volunteers and voluntary committee work for the Trust
  • Advice and supervision of Restoration appeals on churches and other heritage buildings
    Fundraising activities and events

Paper files of the Trust dating back to 1945 exist for all record groups. Earlier material is held off site. Extra fees will be charged for box to be recalled

  • papers of seminars, conferences and lectures conducted by the Trust in paper copy and some on sound cassette
  • publications in various formats relating to Trust managed properties
  • a combined index to the Trust Bulletins, Magazine, Quarterly and Reflection dating from 1947
    early Trust registers of significant buildings
  • exhibition catalogues (S H Ervin Gallery, Norman Lindsay Gallery etc)
  • annual reports
  • flyers and brochures advertising Trust activities
  • thematic surveys: pools, post offices, showgrounds, inter-war housing etc

Architectural, landscape, services and site plans for trust managed properties are held in the Archive. Access limitations apply.

A small 16 mm moving film collection documenting work on Trust properties, various property openings and functions is held in the Archive. Currently not accessible to the public.

Accessing the Archives


National Trust Centre, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point


Mon-Fri 9am-5pm by appointment only

(02) 9258 0128