The National Trust (NSW) cares for one of the most state significant collections in New South Wales. There are more than 60,000 precious artefacts, artworks, textiles and furniture in our collections, which we're protecting for future generations to enjoy. Discover the fascinating stories of the items in our care.

From fine art to fragile ceramics, the National Trust collections are a window into the history of New South Wales and bring us closer to the stories of the many people who lived and worked in our places.

Our conservation team uses cutting edge techniques to restore and protect the collections. These items are housed in National Trust places across New South Wales and many are on public display for all to enjoy.

Whether it’s a 400-year-old Dutch Master painting from Woodford Academy or a reconstructed ball gown discovered at Old Government House, our rich collection has vivid stories to tell about our shared past.

Collection highlights

The Dutch Master

Discovered at Woodford Academy in the Blue Mountains, this 17th century Dutch Master tells a remarkable story of travel, art and hidden signatures.


The Yellow Dress

When fragments of yellow silk were found at Old Government House, the National Trust and NIDA collaborated to solve the mystery of the yellow dress.


Emily Twynam

Self-taught artist Emily Twynam produced an important collection of botanical sketches in the Goulburn region.


Old Government House

Australian governors from 1799 to 1855 left their mark at Old Government House with this collection of furniture, costumes, textiles and art.


Saumarez Homestead

The collection at Saumarez Homestead includes china decorated by artist, naturalist and explorer Marian Ellis Rowan (1848—1922).


Norman Lindsay

The Norman Lindsay gallery collection contains drawings, etchings, watercolours, oils and bronze sculptures by one of Australia's greatest and most prolific artists.


Preserving our collections

The National Trust conservation team works with specialists, partners and the public to expertly preserve the items in our collection. Our approach is to maintain and develop our collections as a tangible link between the past, present and future. We adopt  a cautious approach when conserving an object – changing as little as possible, while preserving as much of the original fabric as possible. We also strive to keep objects in as close to their original historical setting as possible.

Of course we’re always facing the challenges of dust, mould, UV light and humidity, but through careful cleaning, housekeeping and volunteer training, we’re working hard to protect the precious objects that represent New South Wales’ rich heritage.

The National Trust is grateful for the kind and generous donations that protect and preserve this state significant collection. If you’d like further information or are considering a donation, please visit our donations page or contact us.


Donate an object to the National Trust (NSW)

The National Trust’s art and heritage collections are a major asset that support research, storytelling and learning. We are always interested in items with a relationship to National Trust places and people, as well as items with an association with Australia or which represent the lives of New South Wales’s diverse communities.

How to donate an item

The National Trust’s collection policy requires us to carefully assess items against a list of criteria before they can be accepted into the collection. To enable us to do this, please email the following information to or you can telephone (02) 9258 0123 and ask to speak to a member of the collections team.

  • Photographs of the item(s)
  • How did you come to own the item?
  • Does it have a relationship to one of our properties or collections?
  • What condition is the item in?
  • What is the history of the item?
  • Who were the previous owners (if known) and do you have any documentation to confirm this?

Please note we receive a large number of donations offers, which we assess carefully on a case-by-case basis guided by the National Trust’s collection policy. It may take several weeks for a decision to be made and for a collections team member to respond to your offer.


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