Your legacy could ensure the conservation of Australia’s heritage for generations to come. Leaving a gift in your Will to the National Trust (NSW) will ensure the valuable work of our charity continues, and the places and history of great importance to you survive into the future.

Have you ever wondered how a special connection with the National Trust can help to transform someone’s life?

Barbara Gole was passionate about early Australian history, particularly early colonial history and architecture. She loved to visit historic gardens and learn about the struggles of the early settlers. In particular, she admired the strong spirit and bravery of the women who endured such harsh conditions. Once Barbara’s family had grown and she retired, Barbara was delighted to join the National Trust (NSW)’s historic houses tours and used this opportunity to build a new life for herself, making many new friends.

As a committed supporter, Barbara served the National Trust (NSW) for many, many years and sadly she passed away at the age of 93.

In honour of her passing, Barbara’s daughter gave two gifts to the National Trust (NSW). The first was for a specific building restoration project in Riversdale, and the other was to support the ongoing vital work of the organisation.

“I knew my mother would like the idea of helping preserve a small slice of Australia’s colonial past as well as being part of the long-term support for the excellent work the National Trust (NSW) achieves,” said Jenny, Barbara Gole’s daughter.




What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift of money, assets, shares or personal property. You can specify a percentage of your estate, a specified sum, specified items or a conditional bequest. Gifting and laws related to donations to charities are state-specific in Australia. Therefore, it is important that you consult a solicitor before making a bequest to ensure you receive guidance that ensures your wishes are fulfilled and the gift goes to the correct organisation.


Why leave a gift in your Will to the National Trust (NSW)?

Your Will is your last testament of your wishes – a chance for you to make an expression of what you most valued throughout your life. Leaving a gift in your Will is therefore a great and valued commitment to family members, friends and the causes you care about. By donating to the National Trust (NSW) in your Will, you are making a statement of how important it is to you that Australians recognise the significance of our cultural, natural and built heritage – and support the conservation of places of great significance.

Two out of three National Trust heritage properties and conservation sites are in the care of the Trust – preserved for generations to come – thanks to people like you, who have left a bequest to National Trust of Australia (NSW) in their Will.

The National Trust (NSW) receives government funding for specific initiatives including the Australian Heritage Festival and site-specific conservation efforts, but we are otherwise reliant on the generous contributions of people like you to raise the addition two million dollars required to adequately sustain our statewide operations.

A bequest, or gift by Will, is the greatest commitment that you can make to support the National Trust (NSW)’s vital work in the conservation of historical and natural places of significance, education programs and advocacy for heritage protection in Australia. 

Whether you give a little or a lot, all gifts are welcome and make a valuable contribution. Gifts contribute to the conservation of historical properties and collections including furnishings, costumes, artworks, documents and other objects of immeasurable cultural significance.

Throughout the National Trust’s seven decades of community service, gifts from generous supporters have ensured thousands of Australians have experienced a connection with their history and had the opportunity to discover and explore our nation’s rich cultural, environmental and built heritage.

A charitable bequest can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Residue: The remainder of your estate after specific gifts have been made.
  • Percentage: This can be a percentage of the residue of our estate or a percentage of your entire estate.
  • Asset: This could include real estate, shares, bonds or other articles of value.
  • Pecuniary gift: A cash amount. You may consider including an adjustment to account for inflation.

We recommend you take the time to discuss your wishes with family and loved ones.


How to make sure your donation is received by the National Trust

The National Trust is a national organisation, with operations caring for places of significance in each state and territory across Australia. In each state, the National Trust has a specific Australian Business Number. It is therefore very important to use the correct wording to ensure your gift is received by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) if this is where you want your donation to be received.

The following is a guide:

“I GIVE to THE NATIONAL TRUST OF AUSTRALIA (NSW) ABN 82 491 958 802, for its general purposes and free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes,

(a) The whole (or x%) the residue of my Estate; OR
(b) The sum $; OR
(c) (details of specific assets e.g. shares, life insurance policy, real estate and objects)

for which an official receipt from the National Trust (NSW) will be a sufficient discharge of my executor.”



Inform us of your gift and join the National Trust (NSW)’s Annie Wyatt Bequest Circle

We would love to know that you have included the National Trust (NSW) in your Will and can assist you with any specific wishes that you may have. This also gives us the opportunity to fulfil your wishes, and celebrate your donation as we should. We value our donors and aim to recognise the generous contributions of all our supporters.

Those who let us know that they’re leaving a gift to the National Trust (NSW) are invited to join the Annie Wyatt Bequest Circle – named after our visionary, Annie Wyatt. The Circle discovers more about the significant progress being made by the National Trust, as well as enjoying special presentations and behind-the-scene tours.

Contact us by email or by calling (02) 9258 0154.

A bequest is one of the most effective ways in which you can help to ensure the future success of the National Trust.

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