The National Trust is currently appealing to our generous donors to help us engage skilled specialist conservators to protect and preserve our irreplaceable collection, which includes nine beautiful pianos dating from 1773 to 1850.

The National Trust (NSW) is the custodian of one of the nation’s most significant collections – and one we consider to be integral to our commitment to the conservation of heritage in the built environment, historical interpretation, cultural identity and community.

Our collection contains highly significant and irreplaceable objects, including:

  • Rare musical instruments and scores
  • Jewellery
  • Coins
  • Works of art
  • Textiles and costumes
  • Ceramics and trophies
  • Various items of furniture

All items in our collection have direct associations with prominent and historically significant Australians, including New South Wales colonial governors, traders, politicians, principals, artists, sporting heroes and regional pioneers. By protecting our collection, we are preserving some of the key stories in Australian history.

To achieve this, we need to appoint skilled specialists who will set up a system allowing our conservators and dedicated volunteers to properly manage the research, documentation and systematic recording of each item to ensure its value can be assessed correctly – and to ensure these items are accessible and safe for generations to come.


We need your support to keep these items safe

The National Trust (NSW) needs to raise money to engage specialists who can help us protect and document this wonderful collection.

Whatever amount you are able to contribute at this time, your gift will play a vital role in keeping a part of Australian history in tune for the future.


Donating to the National Trust of Australia (NSW)

The National Trust of Australia is the nation's leading conservation organisation protecting our natural, cultural and built heritage. In NSW the National Trust managers more than 30 historic properties and selected bushland sites.

As a custodian of precious collections, including furnishings, costumes, artworks, documents and other objects of immeasurable historical and cultural significance, the National Trust has grown to become a major contributor to our State’s regional and cultural tourism and heritage education.

Each year the costs to maintain and conserve the National Trust’s properties and collections runs into millions of dollars. Your generous donation today will help us to preserve these irreplaceable landmarks for future generations.

We welcome your donations all year round as each one ensures this vital work can continue to enrich our community.

Please note that all donations of $2 and over to the National Trust of Australia (NSW) are tax deductible.

To make a tax deductible donation, please use the form below or phone us on (02) 9258 0156.

Join the National Trust of Australia’s (NSW) Circle

Supporters who have notified us of their intentions to leave a gift to the National Trust of Australia (NSW) in their Will are invited to join the exclusive National Trust Circle program.

Circle events will provide behind-the-scenes viewings and attendees will enjoy a closer relationship with the National Trust and its members through their involvement.

By making a provision for the National Trust of NSW in your Will, you will provide a lasting gift for future generations.

Talk to the National Trust today about how you would like your bequest to be used to conserve our natural and cultural heritage, and join our community of committed supporters.

For details on joining our Bequest Circle please contact or call (02) 9258 0156.