Help keep National Trust properties safe… before it’s too late. Miss Traill’s House is facing a real risk to its verandah and structure which needs urgent attention.

Due to recent, more extreme weather conditions in Bathurst, the town’s reactive clay soil which underpins the National Trust property of Miss Traill’s House has contracted, and is causing the outer colonial-era verandah posts to begin to slip. Major cracks are now appearing across the outer walls and the verandah’s brick floor has become destabilised.

Miss Ida Traill was the great granddaughter of two of Bathurst’s most successful pioneers, William Lee and Thomas Kite. Her home, bequeathed to the National Trust in 1976, is well regarded as a family treasure ‘unique to the nation’ as it has captured an important chapter in Australia’s civic inland expansion. However today, Miss Traill’s House is facing a real risk.

Iris Atkinson, who has been volunteering with her husband Brian at Miss Traill’s House for more than 23 years, said ‘There is a real concern that the verandah could pull away from the House causing it to collapse. We now have to direct all of our visitors through the gardens; however, those arriving with walking frames, canes and wheel chairs often struggle to get through the fine pebble pathways.’


The National Trust needs your help to keep Miss Traill’s House safe and accessible to all.


Each year the National Trust of Australia (NSW) hosts over 100,000 guests across 20 properties. Many are elderly, disabled or are accompanied by parents or a mature-aged carer. We currently have 50 urgent projects in need of vital repairs. Some of these projects are large, others small. Miss Traill’s House is our most urgent.

We thank you for whatever generous support you are able to provide us with at this time. We are committed to making National Trust properties safe and accessible for all, forever.

To make a tax deductible donation, please use the form below or phone us on (02) 9258 0156.

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