The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) retain hard copy and digital files on our collections, buildings, gardens and classified sites which are publicly available.

We also collect and preserve documents related to significant sites in Victoria and make them publicly available. Our archives include a comprehensive look into the history, conservation, interpretation and management of our listed sites. 

In addition, the Trust manages a comprehensive collections database, which includes information on provenance, use, makers and manufacturers.  

Some of the types of files we hold include: 

  • Classification reports 
  • Redacted Applications and approvals for protections and permits 
  • Redacted correspondence between owners, the Trust and other interested parties 
  • Previous research notes 
  • Architectural Plans 
  • Media articles 
  • Photographs 
  • Maps 
  • Collections supplementary files 

Not sure if the site you are looking for is Classified by the Trust? Find out here. 

Accessing the Resources

The majority of this library is open to the public by appointment for visitors to research on their own. If the research request relates to a collection item, a National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Property or if significant distance is a factor for the researcher, the research may be done by Trust staff. The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) reserves the right to conduct the research internally, or request that the researcher does the work in person, depending on the situation. 

To support the ongoing management and longevity of our archives and collections, there is a cost associated with this research. These funds will cover staffing costs, the digitisation of the collection, and the safe storage of our archives. 

Access to the on-site research area at Tasma Terrace can be arranged by appointment only through National Trust Research Staff via

Due to the confidential nature of some of our files and the location of objects and archives at Trust properties throughout the state, requests for collections research may need to be conducted by a member of the Trust’s Collections & Cultural Projects team. In this instance, researchers will be invoiced for the staff time involved. 

Schedule of Fees
Research Fees     Member and student (per hour)  Non-Member (per hour)  
Offsite (Conducted by NTV Staff)  Individual property/site/Collections object research (NTV or non-NTV Classified site)  $45.00   $60.00  
  Commercial Research (Heritage Consulting Organisations and professional author/researchers)  N/A  $150.00  
Onsite (Conducted by researcher in person)   In Person National Trust File Research (NTV Classified site)  $35.00  $50.00  
  Commercial Research (Heritage Consulting Organisations and professional author/researchers)  N/A  $100.00  
Printing Fees  Member  Non-Member  
Scan/copy  $0.50 per page  $1.00 per page  
Image  $1.00 per image  $2.00 per image  
Payment for one hour of in person research will be made prior to attendance. Payment for printing of additional files, copies on the day, or extra time will be paid via invoice after the work is completed.
Copyright Process

High-resolution photos and copies of documentation can be provided for publications for a fee and requires a signed declaration by the author of the publication.

Copyright Process:

  • Contact the National Trust’s research department identifying the site, image or document that you want a copy of for your publication.
  • The National Trust will locate this image or document and confirm it with you, as well as providing a Copyright form to complete.
  • The Copyright form are returned to the National Trust
  • The high resolution image will then be provided to you.

If you require a high resolution of a photo or document for your upcoming publication, please get in touch with the National Trust’s Research Department at or (03) 9656 9818.

Make an Enquiry

Research Services


Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002


By appointment only. Contact the Heritage Services Coordinator to organise archival research.

(03) 9656 9818

Researching your own house

Are you interested in researching your own house? Is it not Classified by the National Trust? Not sure where to go next? Try some of the links below:

Not sure about the heritage status of the site or why it is been listed as a heritage site?

Try searching it in the Victorian Heritage Database.

Looking for photos of your house and/or the surrounds?

Try the State Library of Victoria’s digital catalogue.

For guides on house research, visit the Public Records Office of Victoria, and the State Library of Victoria.

Looking for resources for heritage home owners?

Try the resources from Heritage Victoria, and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Another organisation that has significant local heritage collections is the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Looking to do some work on your heritage house but don’t know where to start?