Professional Development Series

For more than twenty years, the National Trust of Australia has been providing outstanding education programs for Victorian primary and secondary students. Throughout this time, we have continued to work closely with educators to ensure that both they and their students get the most from our programs. We are therefore delighted to now offer an ongoing professional development series presenting diverse and innovative themes.

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Program One

Archaeological thinking

Over the last decade, there has been increased national and international support for the inclusion of archaeological thinking within school education. With at least 99.6% of cultural history occurring before the recording of written histories in Australia, archaeology plays an essential role in understanding our national story. Despite this, and the extent to which knowledge based on archaeological data are embedded throughout the Victorian and National curricula, archaeology is rarely included in the classroom.  

Australian archaeology is a fun and exciting teaching tool for educators, linked directly to higher-level critical thinking, problem solving and creative-thinking skills. By the very nature of the discipline, it also fosters respect and appreciation for other cultures, both past and contemporary. It can engage students to explore scientific and historic enquiry in fun and engaging ways, and strengthen connections to local communities.  

In this professional development program, teachers will participate in a full day workshop covering both theoretical and practical aspects of archaeological thinking. Taught by experienced archaeologists and teachers, participants will learn about archaeological sites, data, analysis and interpretation. Suitable for both primary and secondary teachers, this multidisciplinary program will support educators across history, geography, HASS, and science – including biology and chemistry – to introduce archaeological data and interpretations into their classrooms.