A stay at one of our historic properties is a truly special experience; each one comes with its own connections to local heritage, whether it’s part of a historic building or set within an important natural landscape

Tiny Houses

In partnership with Into the Wild Escapes, we offer three cosy tiny houses at the historic Mooramong Estate near Skipton.

National Trust Members receive 20%* off. To redeem the offer please email membership@nattrust.com.au

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'Helen' Tiny House

Feel the waves of contentment roll in and allow yourself surrender to serenity as you sit back with book and cup of tea in tow at Tiny Helen.


'Justyn' Tiny House

Grand and gentle, Tiny Justyn is an oasis made for calm moments by the water, or lounging on the deck chairs as the sunshine peeps through.


'Lenore' Tiny House

Adventure to Tiny Lenore with loved ones for a slower pace of living. This tiny home will have you walking in and gently floating out with its whimsical charm and surrounding rugged vistas.


Terms & Conditions: 20% off applies to Tiny Helen, Lenore, or Justyn for National Trust Members. Blackout periods applicable for peak periods. National Trust Members may be required to show their Membership Card on arrival.