Lenore Tiny House

Adventure to Tiny Lenore with loved ones for a slower pace of living. This tiny home will have you walking in and gently floating out with its whimsical charm and surrounding rugged vistas.

Tiny Lenore sleeps up to four people with one double-bed in the loft and another double-bed by the window.

This tiny home is suitable for a two-wheel drive. Be wary of sharp rocks when driving. Please park in the designated parking spot and walk 50 metres.

We’ve partnered with the Into the Wild Escapes to introduce Tiny Lenore, located on the Historic Mooramong Estate, formerly owned by Australian millionaire Donald ‘Scobie’ MacKinnon and Hollywood star Claire Adams.

The tiny home is secluded, however, it is a working farm, so prepare to fully immerse yourself in country life as you might see farmers, a tractor, or animals in a nearby paddock.

National Trust Members receive 20%* off. To redeem the offer please email membership@nattrust.com.au.


Discover the historic estate of Mooramong, where old Hollywood glamour and country life collide.

Residing in the heart of untamed wilderness, soak in the warm waters of the outdoor bathtub as you admire the natural landscapes from afar. Learn to embrace the stillness in the air as you journey into the wild.

Enjoy calm, uninterrupted bliss as you bathe in nature, while overlooking expansive views of Mt Elephant.

Expect to leave Tiny Lenore refreshed and with an appreciation for nature.

Check-in & Check-out
Check-In Time3:00PM
Check Out Time11:00AM
Weekdays (Base Rate)from $349
Weekends (Base Rate)from $469
Place Details

4 Guests

2 Beds / 1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

Located near Skipton, 2.5 hours from Melbourne.

Two wheel drive accessible

Located on Wadawurrung Country

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Each hideaway is equipped with basic necessities required for you to enjoy an immersive experience in nature. This includes a fully equipped kitchen with a minimum of 2 gas cooktops, cooking utensils and basic seasoning such as olive oil and salt. You will always be welcomed with coffee, tea and sugar. You will always have at least one queen bed with premium linen, pillows and blankets. Depending on the build that you book, you will either have an extra double bed, 2 single beds or 1 king single bed. This is always stipulated in the website listing before you book. Each hideaway includes 1 outdoor firepit and outdoor seating. Included in every house is 1 bathroom with a shower, composting toilet, vanity, mirror, towels and shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Every bathroom has access to hot water. Each hideaway includes electricity to power the house and basic technology such as your phone. No dwelling will have enough power to charge any other device other than a phone.

Yes, our tiny houses are warm enough in the winter, as long as you are prepared. Each dwelling is equipped with rugs, blankets, hot water bottles, hot water and a kettle. Every dwelling has either 1 small heater or an air-conditioning unit for heating the dwelling in cooler months.

All of our dwellings are escape-distance from the city. Upon booking, you are able to choose your hideaway based on region, not the exact address. This is to ensure our locations remain secret and private. Within 72-hours of your stay with us, you will receive a link that has the exact address and directions for accessing your secret hideaway. Our mission is for you to trust the adventure and surrender your mind to nature, regardless of the exact address.

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