Beautiful bequests – how to leave a legacy with a gift in your Will

We all want to be remembered and feel that we have contributed something to a better world. Leaving a gift to the National Trust is a very special way you can keep on caring for heritage into the future. It could be the most important charitable gift you ever make.

Since its inception, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has benefited from big-hearted people who have had the generosity to leave a bequest.

Every legacy, no matter large or small, helps us to continue the vital work of conserving and protecting Victoria’s heritage for future generations.

You may never meet the people who benefit from your kindness, but you can create a lasting impact on the lives of others.


Your choice

A bequest must be included in your Will. Some people instruct that their bequest be used for a property, collection, landscape or program that has a special meaning to them; whilst other people simply want their bequest used for the National Trust’s priorities at the time.

You can make a bequest to the:

  • National Trust of Australia (Victoria). This option allows the bequest to be expended as needed, taking into account any special directions you provide.
  • National Trust of Victoria Foundation. This option means that the capital will be invested and protected in perpetuity, with the interest earned expended as needed.
  • Or, a combination of both.

Inspiring examples

No matter what your story or circumstances, there is a bequest option for everyone. Here are three inspiring examples of bequests that reflect the values, wishes and priorities of each individual.

  • ‘Mary’ was a long-standing member of the National Trust and a retired teacher who left the bulk of her estate to her family. However, Mary also allocated an amount of money to the National Trust for educational programs for school children, to drive curiosity, imagination and shape heritage values to last a lifetime.
  • ‘Toni’ shared the heritage and conservation values of the National Trust. A significant bequest in the form of real estate was gifted to support the National Trust in its ongoing work to conserve and protect Victoria’s heritage for the benefit the community.
  • ‘George’ was a keen conservationist and outdoors person. Although he was not able to make donations during his life, his modest bequest helped to nurture the landscapes, habitats, flora and fauna that the National Trust cares for.

Examples of wording

A bequest to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

I give and bequeath to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), ABN 61 004 356 192 of 6 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002 [insert form of gift e.g. sum of money, percentage of residuary estate, other] for its general purposes.

A bequest to the National Trust of Victoria Foundation

I give and bequeath to the National Trust of Victoria Foundation, ABN 6286 2859 294, Trustee for the National Trust of Victoria Foundation  [insert form of gift e.g. sum of money, percentage of residuary estate, other] to support National Trust of Australia (Victoria) properties OR to the specific sub-fund [insert name of sub-fund].

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Anthony Knight

Armytage Society member

Anthony joined the National Trust in 1968 and is an Honorary member. Here is his story about why he has made a bequest to the National Trust in his will.


Bequest Brochure

Give the past a future

Create a lasting legacy by providing ongoing support for the protection of Victoria’s heritage and the places you care about.


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I joined the National Trust in 1968 and later made myself a life member thus making sure that I will be a member ‘til the day I die. I have ensured, by making a bequest to the National Trust of Victoria Foundation in my will, that I will be a supporter to the end of time. Now that’s a wonderful way to die happy and know that the vital work of the Trust will continue.

Anthony Walgrave Knight OAM National Trust Life Member

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Our team is happy to help with any questions.