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The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) had an amazing year advocating for heritage conservation and protection across the state.

Some of our work made the headlines, but not all. 

In fact, much of our advocacy work takes place behind the scenes and sometimes takes years to achieve an outcome. In our fight for these balanced outcomes in heritage protection, we increasingly need to go head to head with unsympathetic developers and agencies who have substantial financial backing. You can support our advocacy initiatives by making a donation today. 

Independent of government, we rely mainly on donations from our members and the general community. Every dollar counts. Every donation matters. This years Annual Appeal hopes to raise $200,000 to ensure our work can continue long into the next financial year. 

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is the voice that tirelessly advocates for heritage protection and conservation.

We listen. We research. We consult. We act. We save.

By donating today, you will enable us to accelerate our advocacy work and, in particular help us expand our ability to support communities when heritage protection issues arise. Our aim is to ensure we have the right balance for the benefit of the Victorian community, today and in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Kristin Stegley OAM

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Donate to our 2019 Annual Appeal

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