Lake View House

Historically important as an example of early brick building and as the childhood home of author Henry Handel Richardson.

Built in 1870 and now restored, the red brick house is furnished in period style recreating a lakeside country villa residence in a prosperous mining town.

In 1876 Lake View House was home to Ethel Florence Richardson (known by her pen name Henry Handel Richardson), famous Australian writer and author of The Getting of Wisdom.

Richardson immortalised the house and her early life in Chiltern, under the fictional name of ‘Barambogie’, in The Fortunes of Richard Mahony and fittingly Lake View also contains Richardson memorabilia.

Lake View House

Lake View House


18 - 22 Victoria Street
Chiltern 3683 VIC


Open on Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.
Group tours and other times are available by appointment.


Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

03 9656 9800 (Monday to Friday)
Entry Fees:

Adult - $5
Concession- $4
Child - $3
Members - FREE

“...the small red-brick, one storeyed house, into which we now packed, is still clear in every detail. I liked it because all its windows were french windows and usually stood wide open, which gave one a sense of freedom, and because it had a verandah running round three sides of it. Though our heaviest furniture had been disposed of, the rooms were uncomfortably full, and the garden was often considered too hot for us; but on the verandah we could be sure of finding shade and space.”

Henry Handel Richardson, "Myself When Young" (1948)

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