Since 1972 the Geelong and Region Branch has been the Trust’s long-standing voice in Geelong and surrounding areas.

The Branch represents National Trust members in the municipalities of the City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, and the Shires of Moorabool, Golden Plains, Surf Coast and Colac Otway. New members and friends are welcome at any of the Branch’s events and meetings. Meetings are held monthly at venues across the region.

The Branch’s work includes conservation advocacy and community liaison on local heritage issues.The Branch also assists at the four National Trust owned properties in the region.

Please contact the Committee members below for  enquiries about particular Branch activities.

Banner Images: Geelong Wool Stores Historic Area, B2729. Classified 1980.


Branch Committee

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James Harrison (1816-93)

Geelong’s UNESCO Design Week, March 2021 – The Unpredictable James Harrison (1816-93)

Since the Branch’s Exhibition and Live streamed discussion about Harrison (Design Week 2021) has been shown on this web site, enquiries have lead to Branch input to the ABC Landline Program A Very Cool Idea (see below) and in March this year to the filming of another documentary segment, this time by French ARTE TV. It will be screened this year in France and Germany, and relayed by satellite to 47 other countries.

50th Anniversary

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50th anniversary Geelong Branch Sunday 22 May 2022

3pm – 5pm at The Heights


Display in the Billiard Room – chronological story of Branch highlights



  1. List of Branch Executive for the last 50 years

Geelong Branch President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer 1972 – 2022

extracted from the National Trust Newsletter, which was sent to members each month, and from Trust Talk the Geelong Branch Newsletter.

  1. ‘Barwon Grange’ Geelong Trust Newsletter June 1971 Special Issue
  2. Geelong Branch to be Formed Trust Newsletter November 1971
  3. Launching of Geelong Branch Trust Newsletter April 1972
  4. New Trust Branch at Geelong Trust Newsletter October 1972
  5. Geelong Branch Committee Trust Newsletter October 1972
  6. The Geelong Junior Group Trust Newsletter August 1972
  7. Geelong Branch Women’s Group Inaugural Meeting Trust Newsletter Sept 1972
  8. News from Geelong Trust Newsletter November 1972
  9. How much more devastation can Victoria take? Trust Newsletter March 1973
  • Tragic losses in Geelong
  1. Portarlington Mill taking shape Trust Newsletter June 1973
  2. Notable Geelong House Classified Trust Newsletter April 1973
  • Grave Danger at ‘Barwon Bank’ Geelong Trust Newsletter October 1978
  • Acquisition of ‘Barwon Bank’ Trust Newsletter October 1979
  1. City of Newtown – ‘Armytage House’ Trust Newsletter October 1975
  2. Geelong Branch – membership 855 Trust Newsletter October 1975
  3. Acquisition of The Heights Trust Newsletter October 1976
  4. Disaster at The Heights Trust Newsletter October 1978


Other displays:

National Trust Annual Heritage Festival

Discovering our Heritage education program

Branch proposals for classification of three landscapes


Mr Randall Bell

Captain Chris Gordon and Mrs Kelsey Gordon

Mr Doug Mann

Watch List / Demolition by Neglect

City of Greater Geelong Watch List

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76 Yarra St Geelong, built in 1848, heritage overlay HO286
The former Union Bank on the corner of Yarra Street and Little Malop Streets was erected of Barrabool Sandstone in 1848 to Colonial Georgian style designs by architect, Charles Laing. This once impressive two storey structure with distinctive portico, restrained parapet entablature and supporting Colonial Georgian details, has been substantially impaired by construction of a recent shopping arcade around the perimeter walls. Many elements of this early Geelong bank survive intact and the fabric warrants restoration, being a fine example of pre-goldrush architecture in Victoria. 

75 McCurdy Rd, Herne Hill

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