Postcards from the Gardens

A unique tour and talk at the historic Williamstown Botanic Gardens exploring the the early 1900’s craze for postcard sending and collecting.

Presented by Williamstown Botanic Gardens with Friends of Williamstown Botanic Gardens
Using the historic postcard collection of the Williamstown Botanic Gardens archive, explore the early 1900’s craze for postcard sending and collecting. It’s been estimated that the golden age of the postcard (1900-1914) saw 200 to 300 billion postcards produced and posted worldwide. Clearly these missives have something to tell us about the past. Visitors will tour the 162-year-old Gardens, revisiting sites and views featured in vintage postcards as we discover what these images and intriguing handwritten messages can tell us about these moments in time.

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Osborne Street, Williamstown, Victoria

Enter via gate corner Osborne and Giffard St


Wednesday 27 April 10am-11.30am

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Prebooking required
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50 - 100
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Weather dependent