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National Trust NT are now accepting guest submissions to include in our periodical eNewsletter as well as potentially be showcased on one or more of our various social media channels.

Continuing to raise public awareness of heritage through our publications, we want to further enrich our newsletter with content from our members and the wider community (YOU).

The first topical theme has been chosen to precede the 2018 Australian Heritage Festival theme, My Culture, My Story, which celebrates the diversity of cultures that have shaped Australia’s shared heritage, focuses on what makes a place special and encourages everyone to embrace the future by sharing the strengths of Australia’s cultural identities.

This excerpt from our 2018 Australian Heritage Festival Page can help set the tone for your content but please do not hesitate to browse the festival page yourself for further inspiration and while you are there, be sure to check out the opportunity to register your very own heritage event as a part of the 2018 Australian Heritage Festival.

“The 2018 Australian Heritage Festival is an opportunity to reflect on the places where we live, work, and travel, and why they are special, celebrating our many diverse and distinctive cultures. So we call on communities to treasure their local cultural heritage by telling their stories and celebrating their traditions, including storytelling, music, food, dance, traditional games, and crafts.

What are the cultures of your region, and how are they celebrated? What are the stories of your community? Do you know an untold story that should be shared? What is the role of new generations in celebrating and protecting our heritage?”

Benefits of being a Guest Contributor

When your content is approved for inclusion,  you can gain immeasurable online credibility as well as being a great way to secure a larger following on your own social media channels and websites, while also increasing credibility and networking opportunities.

We accept a brief bio (and personal photo at your discretion) along with two external links to your own personal media channels to allow our readership the opportunity to further engage with you and your content.

Please follow this link to read the Terms & Conditions at your discretion.

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Submission Guidelines

Before spending valuable time and effort on composing and submitting your content, please ensure that you have conceived/researched the topical theme thoroughly, considered it's relevance to the Northern Territory, and have read & understood the Terms & Conditions.

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