The Australian Heritage Festival is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Trusts Partnership Program.

Every April and May thousands of event organisers and volunteers across Australia manage over 1,400 events to celebrate our fantastic heritage, history and culture.

In 2017 the festival is even more inclusive and community inspired. We’re excited to announce our new name and branding, designed to help us reach beyond our traditional boundaries by helping people, families and communities form greater connections with their local heritage. There’s more useful information, tips and assistance available than ever before to ensure your event is a success.

Please join us and get involved for what will be an amazing celebration of all things heritage.

Events are now ‘live’ on the website and on our social media channels – so the sooner you register and get approved the sooner people will know about your event.

Some States have additional event organiser information and requirements so please explore “Festival Near Me” before registering to find your relevant local state information.

Festival Dates: April 18th to May 21st 2017

Theme for 2017

The 2017 Australian Heritage Festival theme is Having a Voice and we invite communities across NSW to tell their stories through different voices, recognising the many narratives that have shaped NSW.

  • When has your community joined together to be heard?
  • What voices deserve to be commemorated in your town?
  • What stories are shared across cultural groups in your community?
  • How do you celebrate the voices that have shaped your area?
  • What sounds are unique to your region?
  • Does your community celebrate its heritage via song?

Our shared heritage is rich with voices from many cultures – Having a Voice is about taking time to stop and listen to stories from every corner of our society.

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