The Australian Heritage Festival, the country's largest community-driven heritage event, returns 1 April – 31 May 2022, celebrating the theme ‘Curiosity'.

For more than 40 years the National Trust has connected the nation through the Australian Heritage Festival celebrations. Returning in 2022 from 1 April – 31 May* with the new theme Curiosity, the festival is set to bring heritage to life once more, encouraging the community to actively wonder, investigate, and learn about natural, cultural, Indigenous, living and built heritage around the nation.

Each year hundreds of event organisers and volunteers from across the country host incredible real-time or virtual heritage events for their local communities.

From the city to the regions across Australia, this is an opportunity for the community to immerse themselves in our rich and diverse heritage, offering unmatched access to special exhibitions, tours, talks, workshops, food fairs, ceremonies, demonstrations, dinners and more.

And you’re invited to be part of it in 2022!


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*Dates of celebration may vary between states within this timeframe; check your state via the ‘Festival near me’ tab for more details.


Event Registration

Event registration for the Australian Heritage Festival remains open. Click here to register event(s) for inclusion and promotion as part of the Australian Heritage Festival 2022.

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