Welcome to the 2018 Australian Heritage FestivalAustralian Heritage Festival in the ACT

Last year between April and May thousands of event organisers and volunteers across the ACT managed 32 events to celebrate our fantastic heritage, history and culture.

In 2018 we once again launch on April the 18th to coincide with The International Day for Monuments and Sites and we hope the festival will be even more inclusive and community inspired. We’ve provided lots of useful information, tips and help to ensure your event is a success.

This year we are focusing on what makes a place special, encouraging us all to embrace the future by sharing the strengths of our cultural identities. The 2018 Australian Heritage Festival theme is My Culture, My Story celebrating the diversity of cultures that have shaped our shared heritage. The Festival is an opportunity to reflect on the places where we live, work, and travel, and why they are special, celebrating our many diverse and distinctive cultures. So we call on communities to treasure their local cultural heritage by telling their stories and celebrating their traditions, including storytelling, music, food, dance, traditional games, and crafts.

What are the cultures of your region, and how are they celebrated? What are the stories of your community? Do you know an untold story that should be shared? What is the role of new generations in celebrating and protecting our heritage?

Please join us and get involved for what will be an amazing celebration.




The Australian Heritage Festival was supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Trusts Partnership Program.