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Who we are

The National Trust of Australia (Queensland) is a member-based independent charity. Our mission is to protect, conserve and celebrate our environmental, built and cultural heritage.
We are in an exciting phase of rejuvenation and renewal and are re-focusing our advocacy efforts, engaging with communities and building awareness of our brand to grow our membership.
National Trust of Australia (Queensland) is supported in its work by key Corporate Partners whose support assists us in growing our membership base and increasing our advocacy and conservation work.
But we can’t do this alone – we need champions!

Why Join?

Over 55 years ago, The National Trust was created through community concern, an Act of Parliament and the backing of business people (not unlike yourself), who believed that future generations of Queenslanders deserved to have their heritage protected.

Now as an independent charity and looking after the places you love with 12 properties from Currumbin to Cooktown, advocating and fundraising for communities across the state.
Heritage is one of the few threads that bind us as a community through the environmental, built and cultural heritage within Queensland.
No matter what the size of your organisation or its industry, becoming a Corporate Partner of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) makes a statement of responsible heritage stewardship.
You will be joining with other like-minded business leaders and organisations who are empowering the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) to remain independent, relevant and effective, delivering Queensland a heritage future to be proud of.

Become our Corporate Partner today!