The National Trust runs a range of ongoing heritage programs that align with our mission, to inspire the community to appreciate, conserve and celebrate its diverse natural, cultural, social and Indigenous heritage. Our vision is that our diverse heritage is protected and respected, contributing to strong, vibrant and prosperous communities.

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Search the Victorian Heritage Services Directory

The Victorian Heritage Services Directory is a listing service provided by the National Trust to assist owners and managers of heritage places and objects to search for qualified heritage consultants and contractors.


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Victorian Tree of the Year

The Victorian Tree of the Year contest aims to raise awareness for the conservation of Victoria’s natural heritage and the benefits that significant trees provide. The winner each year will be a tree that has captured the hearts of Victorians.


Australian Heritage Festival

The Australian Heritage Festival is Australia’s biggest annual community-driven heritage festival. The next Australian Heritage Festival will run from 18 April - 18 May 2023.



Our vision for reconciliation is a community that recognises and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage.


National Register of Significant Trees

The National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees includes more than 25,000 trees across Australia. Visit the website to nominate a tree to the Register.

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Gallipoli Oaks Project

During the Anzac Centenary, the National Trust is growing seedlings of the rare Gallipoli Oak tree (Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos) for memorial plantings in primary schools around Victoria.


Heritage Futures Forum 2020

In the face of climate change, global crisis and the need to collectively create a sustainable future, the inaugural Heritage Futures Forum on 25 February 2020, hosted by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), in partnership with Business Models Inc, turns discussion towards the complex problems.


External Restoration Appeals

National Trust External Appeals are administered on behalf of third parties to raise funds for restoration and conservation of historic places across Victoria.


Heritage Awards

National Trust Branches and local Councils partner to celebrate community participation in heritage conservation, and recognise those who have demonstrated excellence in retention, restoration and re-use of our heritage places.


Avenues of Honour

We have developed an Education and Celebration Kit to assist local communities identify and appreciate the history of their memorial Avenues of Honour.


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Advocacy through the decades

Many of Victoria’s most significant buildings, gardens, trees and landscapes would not be here without the advocacy of the National Trust, the state’s leading independent heritage organisation since 1956.

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