The National Trust runs a range of ongoing heritage programs that align with our mission to engage with the community to appreciate, conserve, and celebrate our built, natural and cultural heritage. These programs run year-round.

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Heritage Festival

The 2017 National Heritage Festival theme is Having a Voice and we are inviting communities across Victoria to focus on telling history from different voices to recognize the many narratives that have shaped Victoria.

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Heritage Awards

National Trust Branches and local Councils
partner to celebrate community participation
in heritage conservation, and recognise those
who have demonstrated excellence in retention, restoration and reuse of our heritage places.

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Industry Labs

The National Trust hosts industry labs to
advance the strategic conservation of heritage
in Victoria. Recent labs have addressed
demolition by neglect, urban trees and
significant landscape overlays.

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Gallipoli Oaks Project

During the Anzac Centenary, the National Trust is growing seedlings of the rare Gallipoli Oak tree (Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos) for memorial plantings in primary schools around Victoria.

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The National Trusts' of Australia Register of Significant Trees features over 25,000 trees across Australia. They are all fantastic trees, but do you know a better one? Use the new online nomination form to let us know!

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Avenues of Honour

We have developed an Education and Celebration Kit to assist local communities identify and appreciate the history of their memorial Avenues of Honour.

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Heritage Register

The National Trust has the most comprehensive single heritage register in Victoria, covering all types of cultural and natural heritage, including significant trees. This is known as the National Trust Heritage Register. As a community body, listing by the Trust is not legally binding, however it is highly respected and often consulted by statutory bodies.

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External Appeals

National Trust External Appeals are administered on behalf of third parties to raise funds for restoration and conservation works.


Reconciliation through Place

Enabling the development of new interpretation
in consultation with Traditional Owners and the creation of shared heritage sites.


Ebenezer Mission

After 45 years of custodianship we have handed over our remaining interest in the Ebenezer Mission Station to the Traditional Owners, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.


Landscape Protection

Victoria contains some of the most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes in the world, but they are increasingly at risk from inappropriate development.

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Search the National Trust heritage register

Find information about places, buildings, bridges, pipe organs, public art, trees, landscapes and gardens classified by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).


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