The National Trust invites nominations from the community for trees to be considered for the shortlist of the 2019 Victorian Tree of the Year contest.

The Victorian Tree of the Year winner will be a tree that has captured the hearts of Victorians; it could have a dramatic history, or a majestic canopy; it doesn’t have to be the biggest or the oldest of its kind, just the tree we love the most.

The contest continues to follow in the footsteps of an immensely popular winner in 2018, the Lollipop tree (Monterey Pine, Pinus radiata) at the Parks Victoria Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve.

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is the state’s leading advocate for the protection of trees, celebrating the benefits they provide to our communities. Since 1982 the Trust has classified over 20,000 trees in 1,200 places across the state on the National Trust Significant Tree Register.

How to Nominate

1. Pick a tree

Search our Trust Trees website to find a tree included on our register.

Search the Register

2. Email us

Email us at or below, before Monday 4 March 2019, to make your nomination. Be sure to include a link to the tree from our Trust Trees website.

3. Tell us why you love it

Share 1-3 sentences on why you think this tree is special and deserves to be our 2019 Victorian Tree of the Year

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What happens next?

Following the close of nominations on Monday 4 March, our Significant Tree Committee will decide on the shortlist of 9 trees. These trees will be announced in late March, with voting occurring on the National Trust Facebook page during our Australian Heritage Festival, 18 April – 19 May.

The 2019 Victorian Tree of the Year will be announced at the end of May 2019.

National Trust Register of Significant Trees

Search the Register

There are over 2,500 significant tree records compiled over 30 years by the National Trusts across Australia. Search to find your favourite tree, or nominate a tree to the Register.


2018 Victorian Tree of the Year Winner

Th Lollipop tree (Monterey Pine, Pinus radiata) at the Parks Victoria Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve receiving a convincing 351 of the total 830 votes.

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2016 Victorian Tree of the Year Winner

This Mountain Ash (Eucalytus regnans), known as the ‘Kalatha Giant’, thought to be at least 400 years old. It is currently one of the largest living trees in Victoria.

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