McCrae Education Program

Students experience two perspectives of how life would have been at McCrae Homestead through European and Indigenous cultural heritage interpretation.

Discover a unique experience at the McCrae Homestead by exploring the parallel experiences of the McCrae family and the Bunurong community in the mid-1800s. Accessed through Georgiana McCrae’s personal diaries, her son George McCrae’s diary accounts, family letters, sketches and paintings, the program shares what is anecdotally considered a mutually respectful relationship between the Bunurong people and the McCrae family. This interpretation is supported by the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and is one that we have permission to share.


Program Overview

Year Levels:P to Yr 6 (Highly Recommended for Yrs 2-4)
Curriculum Links:Civics and Citizenship
• Levels 5 and 6: Citizenship, Diversity and Identity - VCCCC016
• Level 7 and 8: Citizenship, Diversity and Identity – VCCCC026, VCCCC027

• Foundation to 2: Historical concepts and skills – VCHHC054
• Levels 3 and 4: Historical sources as evidence – VCHHC068; VCHHC070; VCHHK072
• Levels 3 and 4: First contacts – VCHHK078; CHHK081
• Levels 5 and 6: Historical sources as evidence – VCHHC083; VCHHC084
• Levels 5 and 6: Continuity and change – VCHHC085
• Levels 7 and 8: Historical sources as evidence – VCHHC099
• Levels 7 and 8: Historical sources as evidence – VCHHC100
• Levels 7 and 8: Historical sources as evidence – VCHHC099

Design and Technologies
• Foundation to 2: Food and fibre production – VCDSTC015
• Level 3 and 4: Food and fibre production – VCDSTC025; VCDSTC026;
• Level 5 and 6: Food specialisations – VCDSTC036;
Location:11 Beverley Rd, McCrae, VIC
Available:Weekly every Monday and Tuesday during school terms.
Duration:4 hours (10:00 am arrival to 2:00 pm departure)
30 to 50 students
Resources:Heritage at your Touch Virtual 3D experience
Cost$15.00 per student. Teachers, carers free
Health & SafetyA detailed McCrae Education activities Task Risk Assessment can be accessed here
Bookings:Online Booking Form is below or email or phone: 9656 9889.

The house was really cool. It was full of old stuff and I learnt how they washed and cooked. We learnt that the Bunurung people call the crow, Waa. It was interesting.

Justin, Grade 2, Rosebud Primary

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