The National Trust Heritage Trades Show

29 Apr 2023 ‐

30 Apr 2023

10:00 am ‐ 4:00 pm

NTV members $20

Adults $30

The National Trust Heritage Trades Show will be an annual knowledge sharing forum that brings practitioners together to share experiences, successes and failures, and stimulates discussion around conservation philosophy and processes. 

Within the opulent walls of Labassa this event will involve displays and demonstrations from some of Victoria’s best heritage trade practitioners including a slate roofer, joiner, plasterer and glass painter. It will provide visitors with an opportunity to engage with people in the heritage industry and to learn more about being a good custodian of a heritage property, to explore career opportunities in the sector and to understand more about the skills and methods utilised by practitioners.

Each day will feature a panel discussion and interviews with people from across the sector which will interrogate questions around the future of the industry and how we can ensure that ‘conservation skills are valued and sustained into the future’. Click here to view the show program.

The digital program, including a list of exhibitors and events, will be released soon. There will be two ticketed sessions per day: 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm each day.


This event is sponsored by the Heritage Council of Victoria, who work to recognise, protect and celebrate Victoria’s cultural heritage.


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About NTV Custodianship

The National Trust are custodians of a diverse range of properties with shared heritage values with natural, Indigenous and historical significance. Our aim is to provide leadership in heritage to the community and industry by displaying best practice in the conservation, activation and management of these cherished sites.

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