Tales from Behind the Bluestone: Ron Isherwood & John Killick

27 Aug 2023 ‐

27 Aug 2023

10:30 am ‐ 12:00 pm

$60 General Admission
$54 NTV Members

Ron Isherwood and John Killick, former inmates of Pentridge Prison, offer first-hand accounts of life behind the bluestones at Pentridge Prison.

Beginning in the former Warders Residence, be guided through the prison grounds, and hear the stories of life behind bars and daring escape attempts.  

The 90-minute journey includes an hour inside the maximum security unit H-Division, with a 30-minute Q&A session with Ron and John offering deeper insights.  

Narrated by an experienced National Trust Guide who shares the sites complex history, coupled with Ron’s and John’s personal narratives, this tour brings Pentridge’s history to life, providing a unique and engaging perspective on the prison’s past. 

The tour will be followed by the launch of Ron Isherwood’s book ‘Born into a Lie of Crime’, in the Warders Building. Copies of John Killick’s recent book ‘Outlaw’ will also be available for purchase. Visitors will also have a chance to explore the free exhibition ‘Shantaram: The Journey from Punishment to Peace’ in Warder’s Upstairs.  

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About Ron Isherwood

Ronald (Ron) Isherwood grew up in Fitzroy, Melbourne. His father was a member of the notorious Painters and Dockers Union. By 17 years of age, Ron was charged with four attempted murders and served time at Pentridge Prison. 


Ron is a now a recovery, transformation coach and the director of thetruthaboutaddiction.com. 


About John Killick

In 1966 John Killick was on the run, wanted for numerous bank robberies. Arrested in Melbourne he spent over six years in Pentridge Prison, most of them in the notorious H Division. 


A career criminal, John was involved in the most audacious prison break in Australian history when he escaped from Sydney’s Silverwater prison after his partner in crime Lucy Dudko commandeered a scenic helicopter flight at gunpoint. 


Shantaram: A Journey from Punishment to Peace

Free Exhibition at Warder's Upstaris

Experience the captivating story of Gregory David Roberts, the renowned author of Shantaram and delve into an immersive exhibition at Warder’s Upstairs.


Open daily until October 15


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