Members Exclusive Access: Finding Flora in the House of Discovery

6 Aug 2023 ‐

06 Aug 2023

10:30 am ‐ 12:00 pm

NTV Member Event

NTV Members are invited to join the National Trust’s Senior Curator and Historian, Elizabeth Anya-Petrivna, for an exclusive talk on Como House’s latest House of Discovery offering, Finding Flora.

Como House is redolent with floral imagery – on furnishings, decorative arts, textiles and – of course – the garden. From engraved illustrations of women as personifications of flowers, to the abundance of bouquets on the Sanderson chintz sofa covers – Como House has unequivocal floral energy. 

As part of the Como House of Discovery Series, this new installation Finding Flora draws from an archive of historical images depicting how flowers were once used to ornament interiors and dress at Como. Floral arrangements, alongside other botanical decorations, will recreate the atmosphere of ‘rustic adornment’ and verdant abundance. National Trust curators are collaborating with florists and students to develop the installation and explore sustainable approaches to floristry. 

*Flora the Goddess of flowers and spring  

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