We provide all sorts of online resources to download from Teacher Notes to 3D immersive websites.

Delve into the history of National Trust properties with this suite of online resources. Learn about the working lives of the people at Rippon Lea, today and in the past; explore 3D immersive tours of the Old Melbourne Gaol and Polly Woodside; experience the different roles people play in Victoria’s court rooms through the interactive court room; or tour a historic home alongside the people who lived there.    


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Discover Polly Woodside

Built in Belfast in 1885, the three-masted cargo vessel carried coal and wheat between England and South America. Discover the story of the ship and her crew.


Virtually There 3D Resources

Take a virtual visit of our historic sites using new 3D technology. Available for Polly Woodside and the Old Melbourne Gaol.


VCE Geography fieldwork kit

The fieldwork program provides teachers with a comprehensive guide for a visit to Rippon Lea that aligns with the Unit 2 Study Design.


Then and Now Interviews

Hear from the historic employees from Rippon Lea and their modern day counterparts, on careers such as teaching, gardening and chauffeuring.


Heritage at your Touch

Take your students on a virtual tour of a real colonial house and meet the people who lived there. Available for McCrae Homestead and La Trobe’s Cottage.


3D Interactive Court Room

The 3D Interactive Court Room shows students how a real courtroom operates and who is involved.


Why was the Gaol built?

Discover the story of the Melbourne Gaol and where it sits within Victoria’s criminal justice history.


Who was sent to the Gaol?

Explore the reasons why many different types of people might have ended up in gaol in nineteenth century.


How was the Gaol run?

Explore how the Melbourne Gaol represented nineteenth century ideas of using punishment as a way of reforming inmates.


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