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Rippon Lea is an ideal place for students to undertake a fieldwork for VCE Geography Unit 2 - Tourism.

Rippon Lea Estate became the 33rd site in Australia to be included on the prestigious National Heritage List in 2006. The site remains a significant tourist venue, attracting over 80,000 visitors annually, presenting an outstanding option for VCE Geography students to undertake on site fieldwork as part of Unit 2: Tourism. Students will complete a range of physical and social geographic investigations, practising key fieldwork skills, and then applying and processing the data they collect. 

The fieldwork program provides teachers with a comprehensive guide for students and educators on the site and curriculum outcomes for Unit 2. It includes information and fieldwork tasks focussed on change, distance, distribution, movement place, process, region, scale, spatial association and sustainability. Students will also have the opportunity to meet the property manager to discuss the challenges of managing Rippon Lea Estate. 

Teachers can purchase the resource kit for a purchase fee of $45.00 

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