VCE Geography

Rippon Lea is an ideal place for students to undertake a field exercise for VCE Geography Unit 2.

Rippon Lea became the 33rd site to be included on the prestigious National Heritage List in 2006 and it is a significant tourist venue attracting over 80,000 visitors annually.

VCE Geography Unit 2 students can explore the house and garden, completing a range of geographic investigations, practising the key fieldwork skills; and then apply and process the data they collect to address the course requirements.

It contains suggested fieldwork activities at Rippon Lea for teachers to cut and paste and adapt, historical maps and plans, background information including a synopsis of the basic points in the Burra Charter, and suggested pre-visit preparative activities for teachers and students. Using Rippon Lea as the field study, students can define the topic, use primary and secondary sources and practise the techniques required in the investigation.


The Rippon Lea fieldwork suggestions give examples for investigating the key geographical concepts required in the course – Change, distance, distribution, movement place, process, region, scale, spatial association, sustainability.

Activities addressing the Skills are provided. Mapping skills can be practised.  These include making sketch maps and, field sketches, citing latitude and  longitude, giving  4 & 6 fig grid references and compass points. You can incorporate satellite data and imagery, aerial photography, use and create maps at a variety of scales, make overlay maps, analyse and assess data, undertake surveys and interviews.

Cost: $12.00 per student

Download the Introductory Teachers Fieldwork Notes

Download the Geography – Rippon Lea Unit 2 Fieldwork exercise


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