Windsor Redevelopment Update

As part of our ongoing campaign, The National Trust has commented on the latest developments at the Windsor Hotel. From the ABC’s website last week: The State Government is refusing to budge on a permit extension for the Hotel Windsor redevelopment. Hotel owner Adi Halim says they lost one year of the two year permit trying to get heritage approval. He says there is not enough time to start the project before the permit expires in November. Mr Halim says if the extension is not granted he will have to close the hotel and cancel over 50 weddings. CEO Martin Purslow said: “despite all the dire warnings given to Heritage Victoria and the former Minister for Planning about the future of the Windsor without the redevelopment permit, it appears that the business has been continuing on fine without the need for a tower. However; Mr Halim will no doubt go back to whatever jurisdiction he needs in order to get his extension. “We would have extended an offer to Mr Halim to host some of the 50 weddings at Como House but unfortunately the Trust does not enjoy the same generous permits that the Windsor benefits from. In fact, Como House is only allowed to host six weddings per year for more than sixty guests. Perhaps it is time to ask Heritage Victoria for permission to build residential towers at Como.”