National Trust of Australia (Vic) Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia

Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia

The National Trust of Australia (Vic) is delighted to announce that our Reconciliation Action Plan has now been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. This is a significant moment in the 57 year life of the Trust in Victoria.

The National Trust’s vision is for the Australian community to understand, value, and enjoy the built, natural and cultural heritage that creates our national identity.

National Trust CEO Martin Purslow said: “The Trust is committed to embracing a cross-cultural understanding of identity that encompasses both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and our mutual responsibilities in building a shared sense of place. We recognise the importance of working collaboratively to achieve this.”

An Aboriginal Advisory Committee will advise the Trust’s Board on the RAP’s development and how Aboriginal heritage values can be incorporated into the Trust’s key programs, places and projects.

In 2013 the National Trust will partner with the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council to present the National Trust Heritage Festival. Working together with Council and Registered Aboriginal Parties will strengthen our support of all Victorian heritage.

Mr Purslow added: “Our vision for reconciliation is to facilitate the involvement of Aboriginal peoples in the custodianship and interpretation of their heritage at National Trust places and in our heritage programs and projects in order to recognise and respect Aboriginal culture and heritage and work towards reconciliation.”


The National Trust of Australia (Vic) Commitment to Reconciliation was made in 2011 and a comprehensive Implementation Program has been developed.

Our first report to Reconciliation Australia will be due in 12 months. As a member organisation of the RAP program, reporting ensures our contribution to a community of practice whose collective quantitative impact towards reconciliation is being measured in our Reconciliation Australia’s Annual RAP Impact Measurement Report.

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