Do you have a connection to someone buried in East Perth Cemeteries? Now there is a way you can commemorate them.

Although thousands of people were buried at East Perth Cemeteries fewer than 800 marked graves survive.

The National Trust of Western Australia offers the opportunity to purchase a plaque to be attached to one of the denominational fences throughout the Cemeteries to commemorate those laid to rest there. The plaque is an opportunity to acknowledge individuals who, while buried there, do not have a grave marker.

The plaques are made of marine grade stainless steel with square corners, are laser etched and are 150mm x 75mm. The plaques will be installed by the National Trust.

An East Perth Cemeteries Memorial Plaque will cost you $500 including GST, multiple plaque purchases will attract a 20 per cent discount. National Trust members receive a 10 per cent discount.

This is a special opportunity to remember those whose original memorial may have been lost due to damage or decay over the past two centuries, and those who were buried in an unmarked grave.