The following Terms & Conditions apply for National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Membership. If you have any questions, please contact

  1. To join the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) (NTAV) an individual must provide a Name and valid address, phone number and email address.
  2. Household memberships must have one valid contact with whom takes responsibility for providing accurate information regarding household members.
  3. The primary membership cardholder is responsible for ensuring the details of their NTAV Membership are correct at all times.
  4. Members must pay either a One-Year payment, or Three-Year payment along with a $35 joining fee before their Membership is valid.
  5. The NTAV shall have complete discretion whether to accept or reject an application for membership, with no explanation required by the NTAV as to their reasoning.
  6. Benefits of Membership will change from time to time, however will include;
    1. National Trust Australia (Victoria) Digital Magazine produced 3 times per year.
    2. Monthly Member eDM’s alerting Members to new offers and upcoming exhibition and events.
    3. Voting rights for NTAV annual AGM (either in person or by proxy).
    4. Free or discounted entry to National Trust properties within the National Trust portfolio in Australia.
    5. Free or discounted entry to international properties within the National Trust portfolio.
    6. Free or discounted entry into National Trust Australia (Victoria) open days, events, tours and exhibitions.
    7. Invitations to Members Only Events not available to the general public.
    8. 10% discount off all merchandise purchased at NTAV gift shops or online (offer excludes food and beverage).
  7. Please be aware the properties of the NTAV and the national and international National Trust may change from time to time. Membership does not ensure access to properties that are closed to the public.
  8. Although extremely rare, the properties of the NTAV may be closed due to extreme weather, fire danger or exclusive property hire. The NTAV will attempt to provide reasonable notice of such closures through the NTAV social media account.
  9. Membership benefits and discounts are only available upon the presentation of a valid membership card or online purchase submission of a validated, current Member Number.
  10. Membership is non-transferable and must only be used by the named Member on the card. The NTAV reserves the right to request proof of identification or proof of valid concession or senior documentation.
  11. To be eligible for concession membership, the Member must hold, and be able to present upon request, an Australian Pensioner Concession Card, full time school or tertiary institution card, Healthcare card, Disability Pension card or DVA Gold and White Card holder.
  12. To be eligible for seniors membership, the Member must hold, and be able to present upon request, a valid Australian Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount card.
  13. Holders of a Victorian Carers Card issued by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) may accompany a NTAV Member and receive either free or discounted entry to the event, property, tour or exhibition attended by the valid Member being cared for.
  14. The rights and benefits of being a Member of the NTAV are non-transferable whether by operation of law or otherwise.
  15. Members may cancel their membership at any time through written notice provided to the NTAV.
  16. Upon receipt of a cancellation request, the NTAV will immediately cancel the membership provision (and included benefits) and send through email confirmation of this to the relinquished Member.
  17. All types of NTAV Membership are non-refundable after purchase.
  18. Cancellation of membership will not result in refund, pro-rated or otherwise.
  19. Purchase of free or discounted tickets (for any utilisation of the NTAV products) will require the Member to agree to the NTAV Ticketing Terms & Conditions.
  20. Reproduction of a NTAV membership card in any form is strictly prohibited.
  21. The NTAV may terminate a Membership if a Member fails to comply with these terms and conditions or misuses Membership privileges fails to comply with the NTAV ticketing Terms & Conditions of purchase/entry at properties.
  22. A National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Membership will be considered ‘lapsed’ if not renewed by the expiry date.
  23. Every new membership will be subject to a Joining Fee for their primary term. The Joining Fee is not charged upon renewal of subsequent membership purchase.
  24. The Joining Fee will be charged to re-join the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) if a Membership is renewed more than 90 days after the expiry date.
  25. If a Member has confirmed their renewal before 90 days after the expiry date of their last membership, then the lapsed Member will not be required to pay a re-joining fee.
  26. The expiry date of an annual Membership subscription cannot be suspended or extended past the expiry date stipulated on the Membership.
  27. The NTAV reserves the right to adjust membership prices without notification however, the NTAV will provide you notice of this change upon your renewal notification, along with any change to the Terms & Conditions that may have happened during your tenure
  28. The NTAV reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions or Membership Benefits where necessary at any time without prior notice.
  29. New Members will be assigned a local Branch, when there is one in the Members local area. Branches provide Members with communications on local heritage issues.
  30. By purchasing NTAV membership, Members will automatically be opted-into receive email communications from the organisation. Members will have the opportunity to opt-out of email communications at any time.
  31. NTAV will continue to keep lapsed members informed of special promotions, events and other offers relevant to the NTAV and its operation until the lapsed member unsubscribes from the NTAV database.
  32. Gift memberships must be registered to the recipient by the purchaser. Upon receipt, the recipient must change their details by contacting the NTAV Membership Team.
  33. Gift memberships are non-refundable.