Emu Egg from the Drawing Room at Gulf Station

60 Objects Gulf Station Collection

I just remember old Mrs Bell, with a little bonnet always on her head, like a mop-cap thing with a frill around and her glasses with round rims. She was always in the big sitting room… and you’d go through and she’d talk to you…” Miss Daisy Tanes
The mounted emu egg is remembered by the Bell family as always being on display in the Dining Room.  It was once one of a pair. When the house was extended this room became the formal parlour.  The Bell family settled at Gulf Station in Yarra Glen in the 1850s and farmed there for over 100 years.

‘…on the piano were two emu eggs on silver mounts to base and I’m “pretty sure” under glass domes.’

Nancy James, Bell family descendant

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