Porcelain Chandelier made by Minton

60 Objects Barwon Grange Collection

A rare example of a ceramic chandelier that could be the only one of its style in existence.

This turquoise, white, and gilt elaborate porcelain chandelier is surmounted with eight branches and exuberantly ornamented with floral decoration, which is probably hand-painted. It is made of 27 individual pieces.

The light fitting was made for candles and was never retro-fitted for gas or electricity.

Manufactured between 1831 and 1842 by Minton, Stoke, England, the light fitting has a rich turquoise ground.  Achieving an even colour using this blue green glaze was difficult to achieve. It is often seen on luxury ceramics – items that are expensive and collectable. The gilt decoration is 24 carat gold – it hasn’t tarnished since the day the chandelier was made.

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