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Since 1956 the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has been actively working towards conserving and protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy.

The National Trust is not part of government. It is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by a large community base.

It is the premier heritage and conservation organisation in the state and the major operator of historic properties and heritage sites open to the public including the award winning Old Melbourne Gaol, Polly Woodside tall ship and Rippon Lea estate.

Since 1956, the National Trust has kept a register that now includes significant buildings, landscapes, trees, streetscapes, public art, pipe organs and cemeteries.
Melbourne Heritage Action is a heritage advocacy group facilitated and supported by the National Trust


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  • Love, Desire & Riches Love, Desire & Riches

    Love, Desire & Riches: The Fashion of Weddings. An exhibition that examines the intersection between film, historic fashion and ...

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