Slates & Chamberpots – Old Government House, Parramatta

This program aims to provide students with an insight into the school lives of primary-aged children in the early 1800s and the daily lives of the masters and servants who lived and worked at Old Government House at this time.

Stage 1 only

Students will participate in a school lesson where they can experience and compare the difference of school in 1815 to their own school.  During the house tour, students are encouraged to make comparisons between the similarities and differences of Old Government House and their own home. The tour is hands on and interactive, including colonial games.

THEME Present and Past Family Life


  • COMPARE their own experiences of school and home with those of people living in early colonial Australia.


  • HT1-1
  • HT1-2
  • HT1-3
  • HT1-4

Booking Information

Number of Students – 45 max
Teachers 1 per 10 students FOC (Max 4) extra adults are charged at student rate

Duration – 90 minutes

Sessions – 10am – 11:30am & 12:30pm – 2pm

Cost – $10 per student

Bookings – (02) 9635 8149

Joint Bookings – with The Thief, The Farmer and The Surgeon at Experiment Farm Cottage, for a reduced cost of $16 for two programs.

Please note the Stage 2 & 3 version of this program is Ship to Shore

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Old Government House

Slates & Chamberpots – Old Government House, Parramatta


Parramatta Park, Pitt Street Entrance
Parramatta 2150 NSW


Tuesday to Sunday, 10am - 4pm


Friday 7 April 2023
Tuesday 25 April 2023

(02) 9635 8149
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