A harbourside mansion that has witnessed 180 years of progress yet remains untouched. It's this timelessness, and the beautiful gardens, that have made it so popular for weddings and other events. Come and experience nearly two centuries of gracious living.

Dating from 1834, visit the elegant and historic property, Lindesay, with its stunning Georgian interiors and a fine collection of English and colonial furniture. The home is complemented by an elegant parterre garden and well tended grounds with uninterrupted Sydney Harbour views.

Below, the ground floor holds the stone kitchen, servant’s quarters and a freshwater well, reminiscent of times very different from today. Lindesay is available for special events in the garden, dining or drawing rooms, or in the marquee, overlooking the gardens and the harbour.

The property is perfect for dinner parties and is much sought after as a stunning wedding venue.



1 Carthona Avenue
Darling Point 2027 NSW


1 May 2019 (Made in Australia) - 10am to 3pm
8 May 2019 (Made in Australia) - 10am to 3pm
15 May 2019 (Made in Australia) - 10am to 3pm

22 May 2019 (Tours) - 10am to 1pm
29 May 2019 (Tours) - 10am to 1pm
5 June 2019 (Tours) - 10am to 3pm (with morning and afternoon tea)
12 June 2019 (Tours) - 10am to 1pm

Group tours by appointment: phone 02 9363 2401


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Non Members $10
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