When you purchase your ticket to visit a National Trust property in New South Wales, you are agreeing to the enclosed terms and conditions of entry. This means we keep you safe, we keep our staff and volunteers safe, and we do our bit to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

The rules are there to keep us safe. The National Trust (NSW) is re-opening its properties in line with Government regulations and with the health and safety of everyone as our top priority. This means you can count on us to do what we have outlined here, and we’re counting on you to read and understand our Terms & Conditions of Entry to our properties in New South Wales. In the very unlikely event that people fail to, or refuse to, comply with the terms and conditions of entry outlined in this document, we reserve the right to ask these individuals to leave National Trust premises. Let’s all do our bit to enjoy the wonderful heritage of New South Wales and keep the community safe. We’re in this together.

When you visit us, you agree to:

  • Purchase a ticket in advance of coming to our properties, and only entering according to your timed entry. You agree to purchase your ticket via Eventbrite so we can ensure a safe number of people on site at all times, and reduce physical contact when we accept payment for your ticket on entry to our properties.
  • Accept that once we have reached capacity for one of our timed sessions at National Trust properties, visitors will need to wait until the next session to enter. We must maintain strict ratios of the number of people on site at all times to ensure safe physical distancing.
  • Be in good health. This means that you are not presenting with or feeling any flu-like symptoms, that you do not have an increased temperature or feel as though you have a cold. It also means that you have had none of these symptoms for the past 14 days.
  • Not have not travelled overseas in the last 14 days, or visited any of the government identified hotspots at the times noted. If you have, you cannot enter the property and should follow the government instructions relating to staying home (just to be sure).
  • Not been in close or casual contact with anyone who has Covid, or if you have, you have completed a period of self-isolation and/or received a negative result from a Covid test
  • Maintain a safe physical distance from other visitors – which is 1.5 metres – in accordance with public health regulations. To give you a sense of what that distance is, please stretch your arms straight out on either side of your body. That’s the distance you need to maintain between yourself and others while you are on site. Please also allow sufficient space for people with less mobility.
  • Make card my first option for payment of any purchase on site. In keeping with the need to reduce contact points and control infection rates, our preferred method of payment is card.
  • Practice COVID-19 safe hygiene practices while you are on site, including: sneezing or coughing into your sleeve, washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after using our restroom facilities and limiting what you touch.
  • Use the Service NSW QR code to provide NSW Health with your contact information when checking in at the property. This information is collected for the sole purpose of NSW Health contacting you in the event of a reported illness at one of our sites.
  • At present it is not mandatory to wear a mask whilst inside if visiting one of our properties located in Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains); however we ask that you consider doing so, in acknowledgment of the current risk level of exposure to Covid we are experiencing at present.
  • We want to make your experience as safe as possible, so, even for properties outside of the restricted zones, we ask that you consider wearing a mask when inside our buildings for the health and safety of all patrons, staff and volunteers.
  • Observe and follow the instructions of all safety signage displayed throughout National Trust (NSW)’s properties.
  • Be understanding, courteous and polite to our staff and volunteers, who are implementing COVID-19 safe practices when they open National Trust properties to the community

In return, you can count on us to:

  • Open our gardens, galleries and historic house museums in a way that allows for a safe number of people to be on site and observe physical distancing.
  • Have updated COVID-19 Safety Plans in place at all of our properties. Our staff and volunteers accept a strict Code of Practice and maintain escalated hygiene management protocols. This means we clean our properties, restrooms and high touchpoints in accordance with Government regulations and recommendations. The National Trust will also provide sufficient soap and hand sanitiser on site for visitors to ensure you can maintain hygienic practices in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Entry.
  • Train our staff and volunteers in all areas of COVID-19 safe practices and that there is always someone on site with first aid training to ensure your safety.
  • Not serve food and beverages on site if they have not been prepared in accordance with the Food Safety Act

Be assured that when you scan the QR code, the only personal information sent to Service NSW is your name and phone number, the location of the property you are visiting, and the time and date of your visit. The National Trust (NSW) will not see or collect this information and it will only be used for contact tracing. Service NSW only keep this information for 28 days unless required for contact tracing related to a COVID-19 hotspot. Please refer to the collection notice in the Service NSW app for more information.

If you receive digital or printed communication from the National Trust (NSW), it is because you have previously provided us with permission to send you this information.

  • Provide the facility for card payments on site.
  • Be vigilant about maintaining COVID-19 safe practices and ensuring everyone visiting our properties does their bit to keep you safe.

If you don’t agree

If you are unwilling to comply with the list of requirements above, we cannot sell you a ticket. If you fail to comply with these conditions of entry when you are on site at a National Trust property in New South Wales, you will be asked to leave. We thank you for helping us do our bit to keep our properties open and safe for the community.


Please direct any questions about our COVID-19 Terms & Conditions of Entry to the Chief Executive Officer, Debbie Mills, info@nationaltrust.com.au and place ‘COVID-19 Property Entry Conditions’ in the subject line of your email.