A Winter Stroll through Everglades Gardens and Luncheon

nsw 19 Aug 2017
This is a wonderful opportunity to see the structure and design of the garden which is hidden in summer when all the trees are in leaf. The stunning dry stone walls can be clearly seen, view of the Blue Mountains Heritage area are there to delight and enjoy some of

Everglades: Bustle to Bias Brides – 1880-1940

nsw 16 Sep 2017
The talkĀ focuses on the period between 1880 and 1940. These 60 years saw enormous changes in fashions which is reflected in the wedding gowns of their day. This is an opportunity to examine historical gowns and accessories as they are carried through the audience, as well as hearing snippets from

Wunderkammer – The Cabinet of Wonders

nsw 10 Jun 2017 - 27 Aug 2017
The Wunderkammer exhibition of ethically-sourced taxidermied animals by artist Rod McRae will be displayed at the Leura landmark from 10 June to 27 August (11 am to 3 pm), with one of the exhibits to be displayed at the Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath. Wunderkammer, which means ‘closet of