A Currency Lad, from Convicts to Leading Citizens

Years 3-6 HSIE

Students will learn about the life of James and Mary Harper including how they built their house and how activities such as eating and drinking, keeping warm and entertaining yourself and others differed from today.

Students can

  • USE the contents of the Harper’s Mansion house and its garden to build up a picture of a village lifestyle in the 1830s and 1840s.
  • COMPARE the living conditions of a colonial family in the 1830s with their own.
  • DISCOVER how houses were built and what materials were required.
  • DEVELOP a map of an historic village to compare past and present streetscapes and usage.
  • LEARN¬†how settlement spread south from Sydney and the roles of convicts, settlers and merchants.

Booking Information

Number of Students – 45 max
Duration –¬†90 minutes
Cost – $5 per student
Bookings – (02) 4877 1508

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A Currency Lad, from Convicts to Leading Citizens


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