Our Services

Bush Regeneration

The goal of the National Trust’s Bushland Management Services team is to advocate and implement best practice techniques in relation to natural area restoration projects and bushland management.

The National Trust has approximately 40 professional bushland staff and carries out approximately 110 bushland contracts in bushland reserves and reconstructed areas throughout the Sydney area, the Blue Mountains and Central Coast region each year. Our clients include government departments, local councils, State owned authorities and private land owners.

Our extensive experience in the field of natural area restoration ensures the Bushland Management Services division provides a professional, quality service for all projects involving bush land management, natural area restoration, surveys, weed control, seed collection, small & large scale revegetation, creek restoration, managing soil erosion and supervision of volunteer groups.

Asset Protection Zone

An Asset Protection Zone (APZ) is an area surrounding an asset, managed to reduce bush fire fuels so as to minimise the impact of fire on that asset. The National Trust has extensive experience creating and maintaining APZ’s for various LGA’s around Sydney including Hornsby city Council, Ryde City council and Kogarah council. We have a number of tools at our disposal to assist in APZ creation and management including brushcutters, high vol spray units and a ride on mower. If we are required to remove mature trees and fallen timber the National Trust employs staff that have undergone Chainsaw Accreditation and Safety Training (CAST) and hold a current certificate.

Creek Line Restoration

The National Trust has extensive experience with creek line restoration projects including creek bank fortification and soil stabilisation, restoration of riparian vegetation communities and wet land rehabilitation works. Our ultimate goal when undertaking these projects is to restore this complex ecosystem to a state where it can once again support a wide range of native plants and animals, while enhancing the beauty of the  landscape for people to enjoy. A healthy ‘living stream’ improves water quality, has stable vegetated banks with a variety of plant species and provides important habitat for animals such as freshwater crayfish, fish, frogs and waterbirds.

Flame Weeding

The BMS team at the National Trust can implement a range of best practice techniques to restore natural areas including flame weeding when requested.



Small & Large Scale Reveg Works

The National Trust has extensive experience with both large and small scale revegetation projects throughout the Greater Sydney region. We have the personnel, knowledge, and equipment required to Install, and maintain your next reveg project. Our professional relationships with a selection of native nursery’s ensures we can supply quality indigenous planting stock at competitive rates.