Seriously ‘Old School’ – Woodford Academy

The Woodford Academy, the Blue Mountains oldest building, offers school students the chance to study history from a rich primary source.

Built originally as a roadside inn in the 1830’s, the property has had a multi-layered history, also operating over the years as a gentlemen’s residence, guest house, boarding house and from 1907-1936 as an exclusive school – the Woodford Academy.

The site presents evidence for studies in local history, community, colonisation, exploration and technology. Through viewing the buildings and their contents, children develop an understanding of past technologies and lifestyles.

The Woodford Academy offers a range of guided tours and activities to meet the needs of the NSW history curriculum. Presented by skilled volunteers these specialist tours tell the story of the Woodford Academy and it’s changing uses over time.

Admission cost for the guided tour is $10/student for a 2 hour program (morning or afternoon) for groups of up to 50 students + supervising teachers.

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Seriously ‘Old School’ – Woodford Academy


90-92 Great Western Highway, Woodford NSW 2778

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Tickets can be purchased at the door or booked in advance to guarantee your spot. Book a ticket now.

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