Animals in Arcadia – Norman Lindsay Gallery, Springwood

Students are introduced to the life and work of the artist and writer Norman Lindsay and in particular his artwork and stories about animals.

Years 10-12 VISUAL ARTS

Lindsay, the author of the classic children’s story The Magic Pudding, had a great ability to give his animals human qualities in illustrations and watercolours, and used mythical creatures in his works.

Students can

  • VIEW the artwork in the gallery with images of animals and creatures.
  • REFLECT on Lindsay’s life as an artist in the painting studio.
  • LEARN how etchings are produced in the etching studio.
  • DRAW their own animal characters and write a short story about them.

Booking Information

Number of Students – 45 max
Duration – by arrangement
Cost – $20 per student (includes entrance fee)
Bookings – (02) 4751 1067

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